Monthly Archives: July 2010

You need to go now

My niece Lou, playing with my shoes. I’m off for 2 weeks in the SW of France, see you on August 16th.

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Estella Gazelle

Photoshoot with Estelle.

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Chateau de Meursault

I spent the last weekend in Burgundy, we visited the wine cellars of Chateau de Meursault, amongst other things. I knew it was a famous wine brand, but the castle itself is not that exceptional. But what you definitely don’t expect is the vastness of the underground cellar system. One of the chais can fit...

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Diabolo Menthe

Peppermint syrup and lemonade.

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We’ve been baking in some sort of small heat wave last week, enough to keep us in the pool instead of sitting at a computer. A small series shot by at least +2000 celsius (no kidding).

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G e t   e m a i l
L i n k i e s